In order to determine what is going wrong with a patient, doctors take the help of the process of PET CT scan. The process consists of two types of scans, which are CT scan and the PET scan. When the imaged produced by both kinds of scans are combined then a powerful image is formed that helps in understanding the abnormalities going inside the body and cells of a patient. Given the fact that the images coming as results of the scans are very intricate and detailed, they are generally used to treat problems in a cellular level only. However, the process can be used to detect any kind of inside damage including checking the condition of broken bones.

In the process of PET scan in Bangalore the body is made exposed to various radioactive elements. The radiation passed through the body and in the process cells emit gamma rays. The imaging software used in the process then interprets these energy rays that are being given off and provides it in a model of images, which can be seen on a screen. In this way, doctors are able to get the picture of a particular area of the body and it helps them to decide if something is really wrong with that part. A CT scan often used as a method to look inside the brain and doctors also prescribe this to patients who have undergone some kind of severe head injury. When CT scan is used together with PET scan then becomes quite a powerful tool to detect tumours or cancerous cell growths inside the body.

If you are looking for best PET scan centre in Bangalore then you should keep certain things in mind. First of all you should know that only certified clinics and hospitals are eligible to perform PET and CT scan. So, when you are choosing a clinic, make sure you know that the clinic is certified to perform the tests. You should then do a background research of the clinic. Make sure it has been in the field of CT and PET scan from a considerable amount of time and has experienced professionals on board. You should also check the list of professionals that you selected centre has and make sure of their credentials. You must keep in mind that an experienced professional will perform better than someone who has just started to so CT and PET scans. You should then check the online rating of the clinic or hospital that you are thinking to do your scan from. You should make it a point to go to a high rated clinic as they generally provide better service. You should not get lured by low rated clinics that are offering cheap services as they are more likely to compromise on the quality of service. You should also read online reviews about your selected clinic to know what the clients of the clinic are saying about its services.

So, keep these points in mind while looking for a clinic to get your CT or PET scan done.