QuickBooks Enterprise 2018 is an accounting tool that allows users to organize all types of financial data in one place. It helps manage payroll, customer data, bank transactions, track inventory and more. When you first purchase QB, the cache memory comes inbuilt. However, sometimes the cash amount goes wrong.

Incorrect cache causes the computer to run slowly. In this blog, we will help you get rid of this issue and correct the cash amount. Follow the basic steps given by our experts to keep your system and accounting software running smoothly.

What happens to the wrong cache amount in QuickBooks Enterprise?

The reasons for this problem are as follows: –

  • When updating the latest QuickBooks desktop.
  • At the time of installing the most recent Windows version.
  • When the user tries to update QuickBooks Enterprise 2018.

Note: Ensure that your QB Enterprise software is updated with the most recent update before fixing the incorrect cache amount.

Steps to Fix Cache Amount for QuickBooks Enterprise

The below solutions provided by QB Pro Solution will definitely correct the cash amount for QuickBooks Enterprise: –

Solution 1: Run the QBW.ini file

  • Open My Computer and enter C: \ ProgramData \ Intuit in the search bar to run the QBW.ini file.
  • Choose the DB SERVER option with the required values. The available options will be as follows:
    • Initial cache: Use the initial cache until the first file is opened. Set the value to ZERO or NONE. This performance effect could not win.
    • Maximum cache: With this cache, you will be able to increase system performance. Use QuickBooks Database Manager to join the company’s file and set the maximum memory state.
  • Turn off and then switch to your QuickBooks Enterprise software to save the file.

Solution 2: Change cache settings to “Install Server-Only”

To make changes, use the following methods: –

Technique 1: Check log-in windows and current cache settings

  • Provide multi-user access to the QB desktop file by opening a command prompt.
  • A message will appear – such as QB_ SERVER_NAME -qs -gd ALL -gk all -GP 4096 -gu all -ch 256M -c 128M…
  • Note the numbers after -c and -ch.
  • Make sure you record the correct figures. If the data is incorrect, you will not be able to get multi-user access.

Technique 2: Change Registry Settings

  • Save all files and work, then log out of QB desktop.
  • Now, limit the QuickBooks Database service by entering Net Stop QuickBooks DB25.
  • After all DB connections are closed, you will get the saved files and work.
  • Now you can repair the Windows registry.
  • Key Locations – HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ QuickBooks.
  • The figures that appear will be similar to -n QB_SERVER_NAME -qs -gd ALL -gk all -GP 4096 -gu all -ch 256M -c 128M.
  • You need to make these changes: –
  • Replace -ch 512M with -ch 256M.
  • Replace -c 128M with -c 256M.
  • Save all changes and then open a command prompt to enter: net start QuickBooks DB25.
  • Reboot your QuickBooks accounting software and then check if the changes are effective.


This blog helps you changing the cache amount for QuickBooks Enterprise 2018. So, it was the entire process to correct the cache amount in QuickBooks. Our QuickBooks Support team can also assist you with the QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced List or any other related issues.