The smartphone is a device that can be termed as a magical one. Doubtlessly phone can be used to call or message someone and have the matter resolved, but the smartphone has enhanced utility that can make one enjoy the use of device all the time. There are various means of communication available in this age with the help of the internet, but for that, one needs to have an app that can make one communicate well.

One can go for gbWhatsApp 2018, which is an advanced version in this segment. The prime app is known for its utility as far as the transfer of data via text, voice, or even video is concerned. It is not the only app that can help one exchange files as there are many more available on the platform of 9apps, which is a third-party platform. One can find a lot of apps available on this platform, which can easily communicate via the internet.

Here are a few of the popular apps that one can go for:

  • WhatsApp: Among the best apps used across the globe, this one has got the top position. With the use of this app, it becomes easy to chat and send various files such as images, documents and even voice message. On the platform of 9apps, this app is easily available. It is also popular as the safest option when it comes to chatting.
  • Skype: In this app, the user needs to create his user id, which can be a name or phone number also. With the assistance of it, one can call someone across the globe on the phone as well as video. This app has made cross border trade and deals much easier than ever before.
  • FB messenger: Those who use FaceBook the messenger is an inbuilt feature and hence can be used easily. However, it can be used separately also. With the help of this app also one can go for aphone call, video call or even transfer of data such as images and documents. This app is considered as one of the best apps when it comes to chatting.
  • IMO: Many people who do not prefer to go for any of the above apps, this can be a better option. It is simple to use, and all the data is kept secret. One can easily delete the history or connect to the user on any network.
  • Hike: This is the fun messenger, which can help one not only chat but also share stickers and emojis. The user can also share files containing audio, video, documents or even images.

In the market, there are only a few people who are aware of third party sites that offer some of the best apps. The 9apps is one of such platforms from where to download any app is a simple child-game. One can have gbWhatsApp 2018 downloaded and used for various types of communication.