Factors to Consider While Choosing Promotional USB Flash Drives

Small and big businesses are always looking for an exclusive and cost-effective way for their business promotion. Promo items are chosen as giveaways during corporate events, seminars, trade shows, etc. Theare is a countless number of promotional products available at affordable rates. Choosing an appropriate one is essential.

Recently, Logoed USB flash drives are effective. As their demand has increased manufacturers have started creating them in a variety of sizes, shape, style, quality-level, and storage capacities.

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Factors to consider while choosing a promotional USB flash drive


Product quality is crucial because you will be using it to promote your brand. Due to the demand for promo products, the market is flooded with suppliers aiming to earn profit from selling low-quality USB drive, useless for data storage. Unscrupulous manufacturing practice is followed to create a low-cost product. To avoid damaging business reputation, consider the following criteria for choosing a quality USB drive.

  • Memory chip quality – Memory is available in different grades that vary in reading & writing speeds along with data retention capabilities. Grade-A memory from a reliable component supplier like Intel, Samsung, Micron, and Hynix is great. Low Price means poor quality and slow speed!
  • Plastic versus metal loop – At the end of the USB drive is a loop, which allows it to get attached to a key bunch. The plastic material loop can break soon, so metal is preferable.
  • Cap fit – Check the caps because badly, a loose-fitting cap can be frustrating.
  • Prints Quality – Scratch test determines the print quality. If print flakes off while scratching means it has horrible printing quality.


Turnaround Time or TAT to get USB drives customized is short with suppliers having their manufacturing facilities. Some outsource, so order fulfillment cannot be controlled. The maximum TAT is one-week from order confirmation.


  • Swivel flash drives
  • USB wristband
  • USB bottle opener
  • USB pen
  • USB wallet card
  • USB lanyard
  • USB brochure
  • Key-shaped USB
  • Wooden USB

Logo printing and engraving alternatives

Different techniques allow you to have logo printing & engraving done on the USB drives.

  • Laser engraving
  • Photo printing
  • Screen printing

Each technique is suited for specific material and product types. For example, the co-friendly wooden USB drive can be engraved or a full-colored screen printed.

Storage capacity

Storage space ranges from 64MB to massive 32 GB and more! For the storage capacity for your promo USB consider the files that need to be preloaded and extra memory space for the recipient’s personal use. Minimum 1 GB [1024MB] free memory space is recommended!

Data service & solutions

Suppliers can provide –

  • Data preloading – Marketing content in the form of product catalogs, videos, software, PDF, etc. can be preloaded.
  • USB autorun – Preloaded data like presentation can be automatically launched when users plug the USB drive into their computer or laptop.
  • USB file lock – This feature allows preventing data preloaded from getting accidentally deleted.


Accessories like neck lanyards, packaging, key chains, etc. add an extra zing to your promotion.

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