All the frustrations, mishaps, and stress of the day can be quickly washed away when you come across a video of cute and adorable animals. People with coldest personalities aren’t immune either and may be found guilty of laughing or showing an immense range of facial expressions while watching cute animals. However, behind the cute appearance are some of the deadliest and ferocious beasts of nature. Handy has made a list of some of the cutest animals that you need to run away from:

The Animals

  1. Panda – Pandas are one of the most adorable animals. They are used for diplomacy by their native country of China and animated movies have also worked greatly towards boosting their cute image. They just seem so helpless while rolling on the grass or chewing on bamboo that you want to run towards them. However, messing with a panda has serious consequences. If you cross its territory and it feels threatened, it will quickly make you know of its belonging to the bear lineage.
  1. Leopard Seal – Leopard Seals seem like live-action versions of stuffed animals with dark button-shaped eyes and a rounded body. They seem quite harmless from their cute appearance. But there are known cases of these animals attacking researchers and displaying aggressive behavior quite often. Before you decide to accompany them for a swim, remember they treat penguins as a favored delicacy.
  1. Swans – Swans aren’t just cute, but majestic as well. They have been romanticized by poets, filmmakers, and pop culture in general. However, love hurts. Figuratively and in this case too. These majestic creatures with cloudy wings and dignified demeanor won’t back down from showing their dangerous self when threatened. Before you decide to feed them at the lake, don’t forget to pack something that tastes good.
  1. Pufferfish – Some people may find this fish far from the traditional description of cute. But just look at its googly eyes, the spots all around its body and the stupid face when it inflates its size to scare away predators. Ironically, this fish becomes extremely deadly after its death. But when Pufferfish is turned into delicious Fugu at the streets and restaurants of Japan, it may be fatal if the chef fails to clean out its toxins properly.
  2. Poison Dart Frog – Frogs aren’t usually charming. These frogs, however, look brilliant and cute. The small size goes well to work in favor of that cuteness. Some say looks can be deceptive and they are absolutely right if they are talking about poison frogs. Their toxicity level varies, and the charming golden frog can easily cause the death of 10 adult human beings upon touch.


Handy suggests that you opt for stuffed animal toys of these cute creatures instead of close contact. They may seem cute and cuddly but can seriously hurt you or put you in danger. It is better to appreciate their cuteness through videos without challenging your mortality.