The best GPS tracking for trucks is done by systems which are all controlled by one application. After all, nobody has the time to develop an application for every vehicle, nor the time to use a different application for different vehicles.

The main key to using truck tracking apps is convenience. And convenience isn’t in a plethora of applications or complications, it’s in the simple things which can get your work done in an efficient manner, easily.

This convenience, believe it or not, is the one application that has been thoroughly designed by the developers of the best GPS tracking device for trucks so that you don’t have to go through any more hassle.

The best way to give you a clear idea of how these applications work is to compare them to the normally used commercial taxi/cab applications, where you can click on a taxi to know it’s location, plate number and all other details that the company wishes to provide.

The only difference here would be that if you’re the owner, you can customise what you want to see when your trucks are on the road, so it’s all well suited to your own business.

Normally, as you might have seen in many commercial taxi/cab applications, your fleet which is active is shown on the road with a mark differentiating it from the fleet which is not active.

The main feature here, is that you’ll be able to know the status of every truck that is active (and inactive) by clicking on the vehicle itself. Most GPS trackers for trucks have them on a live tracking map, in which you can also check their route to destination, time left to reach, and much more.

You can check for the proximity of trucks in accordance to the other trucks, their fuel levels, the truck identification numbers (which can be customised to your needs), status of the trip, fuel efficiency, etc.

Other than these things, the alerting system of these truck GPS tracking systems are very simple to use, and many of them have an SOS button in case your driver thinks they are in any kind of trouble. So you have a quick connection with the driver, and you will be getting to know if there is any kind of machine failure in respect to the vehicle.

On top of all this, you get these features for every truck of your fleet (depending on the terms of your truck tracking system provider) so that you can check and control all of the vehicles of your fleet and ensure the safety of your goods from the comfort of your office/home.

We hope to have helped you understand the working of controlling all of your fleet through one single application a little bit better. Do keep in mind, these features depend on the truck GPS system provider you choose, and won’t be consistent with all companies, so choose wisely!

Source: Babatrucks | One stop shop for all your truck needs