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How CBD Is Effective In Anxiety Treatment For Children?

According to patients using medical marijuana for their pain management and other health issues term CBD oil as a therapeutic celeb. CBD oil extracted from the cannabis plant is increasing significantly in fame since several states have legalized its use. Research on cannabis products need to be increased, but the study conducted in the past have reported being successful to a great extent. Doctors have also approved that their patients are finding great relief in managing some of their crushing medical conditions.

The cannabis plant has 113 known cannabinoids. The two popular cannabinoids are CBD [Cannabidiol] and THC [Tetrahydrocannabidiol]. Hemp is a cannabis Sativa species that contains very low > 0.3% of THC. It is the THC that causes the euphoric high feeling associated with weeds. CBD is non-psychotic and safe to use even in high dosages.

It is speculated that CBD modulates THC effects. THC is a partial antagonist and stimulates the CB1 receptors of our ECS [endocannabinoid system]. In general, CB1 and CB2receptors regulate different cognitive and psychological functions. This helps to maintain homeostatic balance influencing mood, appetite, pain regulation, and sleep. CBD prevents THC from binding with CB1 receptors. Thus for kids suffering from anxiety after a traumatic experience can be given CBD edibles. These are said to be a remarkable anti-anxiety supplement.

Is CBD effective in reducing anxiety or not?

There is a controversy of some level about CBDs’ potential to reduce or induce anxiety. According to studies, CBD is a totally different entity. First, it is necessary to identify the difference between marijuana and hemp. The latter has a low THC level than the former. In several studies on CBD, it has revealed to possess anxiolytic properties.

Is CBD safe for children?

The clinical proof for CBD is strong in curbing stress response with high-quality supplement dosed correctly. Work with a licensed healthcare provider and start with a small amount to identify how your kid responds. FDA has approved only four cannabis products, so the majority of CBD supplements or oil is subjective to low-standard of quality control. So, where to look for high-quality CBD?

Fortunately, there are organizations, which take efforts in supplying consumer markets with premium quality of CBD products. Quality control testing includes the following aspects:

  • Potency testing
  • Terpenes testing
  • Potentially harmful contaminants testing

Other features to consider while buying high-quality CBD?

  • Look for organic CBD products
  • Check the extraction methods – Best ones are CO2 and ethanol extraction process
  • Full-spectrum means hemp’s terpenes, phytonutrients, flavonoids, and negligible THC is delivered, while isolate contains either only CBD or only THC [isolate form]. Check and choose.
  • Choose 3rd party tested CBD product.

Parents need to understand CBD and THC so that they can choose accordingly for treating their kids suffering from anxiety. The WHO has reported CBD to have a good safety profile and well-tolerated. However, sublingually is the best way to use it for kids. It is also crucial to assess an optimal dosage. Reap the benefits of a premium 3rd party tested CBD supplements for kid’s anxiety treatment.

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