Pearl earring is timeless and classy but does its size matter? ‘What is the right pearl earring size for me?’ is a common question that women ask at the jewelry store. There are many sizes ranging from smaller for daily wear or a large one to be worn as statement piece.

Choosing right pearl earring size women need to consider –

  • Age
  • Face shape and size
  • Ear lobes
  • Personal preference

Traditionally, when you bought pearl earrings, certain sizes were appropriate for specific age groups but the hottest trend nowadays is being non-traditional. However, below are some suggestions for right pearl size but there is no strict rule. Therefore, buy one that complements your look but these given sizes are a good starting point.

  • 5.5 x 6mm is appropriate for tweens and young teens between 12 to 16 years as the pearls in the earrings are very small and dainty. Petite girls and young ladies adore these cool sized small gems.
  • 6×6.5mm is correct for old teens and young ladies between 16 to 24 years. For an old teenager, who is growing tall, these pearl sizes are large enough but for young lady it can be small.
  • 6.5x7mm is right size for females between 25 to 30 years. Women in late 20s may prefer simple pearl jewelry, so this is the right size.
  • 7×7.5mm is great size for women above 30 years. The pearl size makes women look professional. A career woman carries an aura of importance with support of this pearl size necklace.
  • 8×8.5mm is traditional pearl size for women aged 35 years and more. Pearl this size needs to remain in the oyster for a long time to grow this large. For women in their late 30s this pearl size screams success and is very economical to buy.
  • 8.5x9mm is for elderly ladies in their late 30s or mid-40s. Pearl necklaces designed with these pearl sizes are elegant, chic and classy. Moreover, it is hard to access this size in the market. In corporate world, these pearl sized necklaces are worn as evening wear to reveal power, strength and stability.
  • 9×9.5mm is a size that women of 45+ years enjoy. The gemstones are very rare ad brings style to any outfit. Executive ladies and upper management women wear these sized pearl jewelleries to improve their style.
  • 9.5x10mm pearl sizes are large gems that can be a great Mother’s Day gift for your mother more than 45 years of age. It is the rare pearl size and looks majestic.

Above are some good suggestions that can be used as a starting point but remembers to consider your personal signature style while choosing the pearl size!