If someone is moving, they will want to make sure that they are packing fragile furniture in a way that will keep it safe from harm.  Since many people are not sure how to do this, here are some tips that can help them with the process:

  1. Covering – Fragile pieces of furniture will need to have a covering.  This can be an old sheet or blanket of some sort. The covering should enclose the entire piece of furniture so that while it is being transported to a storage facility, it will be protected from harm.  At the https://www.henfieldstorage.co.uk/site/horsham storage facility, the customers that live within a 30-mile radius of the shop will have their furniture transported for them in order to keep it safe.  This is one of the conveniences that the company gives to its customers in Horsham.
  2. Fragile Parts – Fragile parts can also be protected too.  The fronts of cabinets that may open should be wrapped so that they do not open up while the piece is being taken to the storage facility.  Some people use tape but this is not a good idea because it can rip off the finish of the product. A type of cloth wrap is better to use for this purpose.
  3. Smaller Pieces – For the smaller pieces of furniture, a person will want to have a box to put them in.  They will feel more comfortable knowing that the item is protected in the box when they need to take it to and from the storage unit.
  4. Space – Having the proper space to store the fragile pieces of furniture is a big deal.  The company in Horsham will be glad to assist a customer in deciding which sized unit will make the most sense for their belongings.   They will talk about price and also give a person the chance to save money by paying for the full amount upfront. The savings come to a good 15% and a person will be able to use that money for something else that they might need in the future.
  5. Service And Security – Knowing that a storage facility has the protection that a person needs for things is important.  They will be glad to know that there are cameras that operate on a 24-hour basis to keep the items safe in the storage facility.  When they do business with this company, they will also be able to pick any padlock that they want for their unit.

Customer service is of great importance to this company.  They treat their customers with the respect that they deserve and if they have any questions about how to protect their fragile furniture from harm, they will be able to get very informative answers from the professional staff members.  The people that work for this company are experts at what they do and they have been doing this type of work for many years.  Since people love this company, it will continue to do well in the future.