The operational properties of the coating may differ slightly depending on the area of ​​your application. For surfaces faced in a room with high humidity, it is necessary to pay special attention to the final coating: wax and enamel.

For use in the kitchen, the polished plastering coating must have a high vapor permeability. The best solution would be to purchase material with high anti-fungal properties.

The Finishing Options

To finish the walls in the corridor and in the corridor, preference should be given to samples of greater resistance. The entrance area of ​​the room suffers constant drops in temperature, which increases its wear. It is necessary to select a material that is resistant to critical surface heating and cooling. Modern manufacturers create an acrylic-based “polished”: this coating has greater strength, but looks unnatural.

The best Supply of the Finest Quality Plasters

The country is the leader among material suppliers. Companies in this country create a classic finish, stylized like antique marble. The material is easy to apply, so it is suitable for use by both professional artisans and beginners. It is important to find material that does not require specific care. Pay attention to the quality of the final coating.

When purchasing, you must pay attention to the brand and the serial number of the products. It is not recommended to buy plaster from different lots. The color of the finished product can vary significantly. To ensure uniformity of coverage, the masters advise mixing the entire composition at once.


Polished plaster is used exclusively for interior decoration of walls and ceilings of residential and public buildings. Such a coating does not tolerate critical temperatures and natural precipitation and is therefore not used for facade cladding. In addition, plaster is used for partial decoration of some elements. For example, a fireplace or columns, decorated with “polished”, look rich and able to decorate the interior in the Empire style.

Due to its moisture resistance, the coating can also be used to finish baths and saunas. Many use this coating even in the pool, but it is worth paying special attention to the selection of wax and enamel. The quality and thickness of the layer will depend on the operational properties of the surface. The enamel can be applied in several layers to obtain the desired effect and the quality of the coating. You can check this website and come up with the best options for quality polished plastering.

Tips for use and care

Before applying polished plaster directly, a rough surface must be carefully prepared. The material is applied to almost any surface, except metal and untreated wood. When applying plaster to such a surface, it can crack and disintegrate quickly. For such places, only an acrylic solution with a high concentration of bonding pigments is suitable.

The ideal base for plaster

Masonry, concrete blocks or plasterboard surface. Surfaces pre-coated with oil paint are also suitable, its rough base ensures the adhesion of plaster layers. It is important to remember that surfaces must be durable. The draft cloth is cleaned of dust and other impurities. Chips or bumps must be corrected with a small layer of putty and the subsequent leveling of the surface.