‘Raksha’ means protection and ‘bandhan’ means bond. Thus ‘raksha bandhan’ means the ‘bond of protection’. These days this occasion also includes exchange of gifts. You can simply order amazing online rakhi gifts.

An auspicious string of the sacred bond ‘rakhi’ is highly significant between a brother and sister. When a sister ties rakhi around her brother’s right wrist, he promises to guard his sister from all harm and foulness. However, there is a deeper value attached to this festival, which glorifies the bond shared by brothers and sisters.

Though the market is full of potential gifts for rakhi, the more the choices, the more difficult it is to pick the right gifts. So here are the best rakhi online gift options that you can give to your sisters and brothers on auspicious occasions of raksha bandhan:

  1. Greetings cards:

Cards are the classiest gift option. You can customise it to suit your preferences by adding lovely images of your sibling or even a compilation of images of you two together.

  1. Chocolates bouquet:

You can get designer, custom made handcrafted chocolates that are perfect for the occasion and celebration of rakhi. Siblings are thrilled to get chocolate boxes and combos as such. These gift hampers can be gifted along with a heartfelt message in a greetings card.

  1. Customised mugs:

Personalised gifts are trending these days. You can gift your lovely sister personalised coffee mugs comprising your pictures together with a beautiful message for your sisters.

  1. Personalised key chain:

Apart from this you can also gift a personalised key chain which your siblings can always keep with them as a token of your love. This personalised key chain can contain either your pictures together or your childhood pictures or a beautiful message from you to them.

  1. Accessories:

You can give your sister her favorite brand’s bags or watches. There are ‘n’ numbers of online websites from where you can place an order and get it delivered at your doorstep.

  • Storage box: handsome and elegant they hold a lot of importance to the recipient. One lends beauty to the protection style of exquisite jewellery while the other keeps ties and belts decorously organized. Depending on your siblings’ tastes, an elaborate metallic or a simple wooden jewellery box or organizer is apt for this traditional festival.
  • Jewellery: believably, every sister would love to receive this quintessential gift from her brother. The same goes for the other way round. Jewelleries such as bracelets, chains and even quirky earrings can all be customised to suit your siblings personality.
  • Watches: if jewellery hikes the bling factor of a woman’s attire, watches do the same for men. However, not every kind of watch suits everyone, especially not the colour.
  • Wallets or bags: a slightly unconventional gift for a traditional occasion, but everyone appreciates branded wallets and handbags. Similarly, women carry almost everything in their handbags; therefore, in this case, size does matter.
  • Other accessories: a delicate silk scarf or satin tie has the power to make or break the entire look; that is how crucial accessories are. All such gift items can be personalised to suit your sibling’s demand.